Gary G 3 months ago in Feature requests 0

Add ability for users (that are not logged in) to be able to search through documents (on the front end) after sharing a folder using web links.

I often share folders (with documents inside, as well as sub folders with documents inside of those as well) and it would be great if, on the front end, a user (who is not logged in) could search not only the titles of the documents, but also for sub folders, and also the internal text within documents such as PDF, DOCX, Excel, PPT, etc. This would allow a user to enter one or more keywords and dynamically search through the documents (within the folder and/or sub folders) to easily locate what the user might be looking for.

If anyone has any further thoughts, comments or questions, please feel free to add them.

I am looking forward to this functionality being considered and added into FileRun in an upcoming update release.  :-)

Gary Gordon