Under review

Enable Video preview for shared links

andreaslukas 3 weeks ago in Feature requests • updated 2 weeks ago 3

This feature would be as helpful as the image gallery view for shared links. Please enable it for shared links.

And audio player too! There is in advanced options 'Audio playlist' but I'm pretty sure that is not working on weblinks.

Under review

It is working fine. Note the following URL: https://demo.filerun.co/wl/?id=zUyqBGvEUhumNVHbmvO1zJm1mbfOXRqB&mode=playlist When you access it, it provides a file "playlist.m3u" which is an audio playlist of the weblinked folder contents.

In my opinion it seems natural to see also video-prview (with a play button) in when browsing a shared image gallery (the one you provide with filerun is very nice).

Please see many imageviewers on desktop witch show also videos when clicking through the photos. Many people make photos and videos of the same situation with the same camera ;-)

Could this be the logical way?