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Add comments to shared link.

Qing L 1 year ago • updated by Gerald F 9 months ago 6


When I shared a link or request file to someone, not the member. I hope they can add comments to this link, or the documents in this link.

e.g. I shared a folder named "inquiry" to my supplier, in this folder, there are some product photos, I can add some comments to the products because I am the member, I add the product size in the comment and tell supplier write down the quotation in the comment, then we can check fast. But if the supplier is not the member, he can not add the comments.

My suggestion is, the one who get the link, no matter he is member or not, he can also add the comments.

I think this is very useful function.


And i wish there could be more options on the shared links site. Like hover menu and company logo

I would very much like to have this feature. If a comment field is added to shared links and file request links, I'd like the ability to rename the title of the comment field. For example, rename "type your comment here" to "type your print instructions here"

One more item. I'd like to have the file comments emailed to the user rather than appear only in the filerun user's account.

I recommend making the comments field larger than a single line, at least 4 lines so the user can see what they are typing.

I also suggest that we can see all the metadata, even if only one file is put in a web link.