Under review
armouredking 3 months ago in Feature requests • updated by Vlad R 1 month ago 3

I don't know how possible this is, but a nice feature would be the ability to do actions from a preview pane or even just the main window. Right now, the GUI requires me to use my mouse for everything. I'd like to be able to have one for delete and rename at the very least; makes it far easier to clean up folders.

I know the arrow keys work in the preview pane ( pretty standard ), but it'd be nice if the preview pane / the main GUI had keyboard shortcuts to help us out with management as well.

Under review

Thank you for the feature request! It will be taken into consideration and most probably be gradually implemented soon, as we are reworking some area of FileRun to better serve the power users.

I would like a shortcut that would automatically delete files older than 30 days when I deem needed. Since I can't seem to get the cron job running, a shortcut like this would be awesome.

Please see http://docs.filerun.com/deleting_old_user_files We won't be adding any function for this in the user interface.