Changelog announcement

Stephane B 2 years ago updated by Vlad R 2 years ago 2

Hi Vlad

in order to limit our questions and even our development in // of yours, can you announce us the next features you are currently developping. 

We all request features but you may already develop these ones :-)

and of course a date for the next release.

Thank you

Under review

Hi Stephane! Here's a few of the improvements included in the next update:

- Multiple files and folders can be now shared with other FileRun users at the same time.

- Direct links to files and folders can be copied to clipboard via the contextual menu (under "More options..") or from the sharing panel. These links can be shared with other FileRun users that have access to the file, for pointing to a particular file or folder while collaborating.

- Added "Videos" display mode, which shows only the video files in the current file list. Added "Videos" media folder which lists the videos in the user's home folder, sorted by the date the files where uploaded to FileRun.

- Added "Last uploaded" section under "Photos". It shows any type of image file sorted by the date it was uploaded to FileRun.

The release date was supposed to be a couple of months back, but development got badly delayed this year due to various reasons. This update will be released by the end of the month.

We do plan to catch up in the upcoming months, with some bigger changes that we've planned for a while, like being able to use the file plugins with files shared via web links, and sharing file collections between users.


The software update is now available for installation via the FileRun installation's control panel. A complete list of changes is available on this page: https://filerun.com/changelog