QNAP share not writable by Filerun

mailbox 2 years ago updated by Vlad R 2 years ago 4

I installed Filerun as VM on my QNAP Nas. Mounted the Nas share with cifs and fstab. 

The files in the share show up in Filerun but i can not upload files with the Filerun interface and thumbnails of files are not generated. It seems Filerun has no write permission on the share.This is the error i get: Failed to upload file. Server error. Please try again later.

I mounted the share with a QNAP user credentials and RW, the QNAP user has RW permission. I did chown www-data for the mounted sharefolder on the Filerun server.

But there is probably something i overlooked, any suggestions?

Under review

There are more possibilities for failure during uploads. Try to create a new folder, or rename a file, and if the problem persists, than you need to adjust the file permissions. How to do that, that's hard for us to say as it depends on your setup.

Creating a folder or renaming a file fail as well. 

When i mount the same share with the same fstab command on my laptop, i can create or rename files and folders without issue.

I installed the docker version and now everything works fine.