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Thumbnails doesn't match to the picture

cracksilver 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 3

Hi there

Yesterday I gave FileRun a new chance and installed it on Ubuntu 20. Everything is running very well.

One problem I have. The thumbnails doesn't match to the picture in nextcloud app. This issue is only in the nextcloud app not in webinterface.

Does anyone have the same issue?

thx. Gregor

Under review

Let me see if I understand. If you have two files, are the thumbnails mixed between the two?

yes. I have for example two picture with a car and another with a house.

Then on the app ist the thumbnail from the house picture a car.

Strange... isn't?

The issue is only on my phone. Just tested on an new tablet. There is all ok. Has something to do with phone or allready existing nextcloud app. This I've allready used for another instance of nextcloud. Probably the app mixes something together....

thanks for your time