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Problems with Zoho Editor and Office Web View

2122504939 2 years ago updated by Vlad R 2 years ago 5

When I try to use Zoho Editor , it shows Unable to save the document from remote client end. Please try again.
I replace the file "customizables/plugins/zoho/app.php" in your installation with this version: https://f.afian.se/wl/?id=NMrjkT3kuA2az2K8QRi36LOJn37WKJwU . But it did't work.......

One more thing is that the Office Web View also show error : An error occurredWe're sorry, but for some reason we can't open this for you. I replacing the file "customizables/plugins/office_web_viewer/app.php" with this version: https://f.afian.se/wl/?id=pkDaf8hsYm6WVol2mavH1hIGBkkgs5qk  It did't work either......

So any ways to solve them ?

Under review

Is your FileRun installation accessible to the world? You won't be able to use Zoho for saving if you run FileRun on a private network.

It can be accessed by a domain....Now I am trying to reinstall

One more thing , what's your meaning of "private network " ? Whitout SSL or CDN ?

Not a bug

If I cannot access "mingyueqingfeng.pp.ua" than Zoho can't access it either for sending the file changes to it.