Custom thumbnails for all files & folders

eric 6 years ago updated by Vlad R 6 months ago 5

It would be really helpful to be able to upload custom thumbnails for any file type or folder. These would be manually created by the user in Photoshop or other program and then uploaded & assigned.

A few examples:

  • Thumbnail for .zip that contains a whole project. Could be a website, InDesign project, etc. Or just archived client files that you don't necessarily need extracted all of the time.
  • 4 image grid preview on a folder that shows examples of contents (like a texture folder, etc.)
  • A custom frame from a video instead of using the default generated one.

Thank you for the feature request. Unfortunately I need to let you know that we will never add such options. The usage would be too technically advanced, the user interface would become too loaded and the work required is not balanced with the amount of users actually benefiting from it.

Your comment is not adding value here. And because of the language i have removed it. Let's use nicer attitudes and more elegant words.

PHP developers are welcome to request information on how to implement such changes themselves. On popular demand we might add documentation for it.


For some videos such as TV series, all thumbnails created are all the same because the first several min. of the video are the same. Suggest the default time of thumbnails can be adjusted or defined such as the middle of the video.