webdav shared folder name different with admin's

sl474118737 2 years ago updated 7 months ago 5

Hi, I use admin(dan) to share a folder(ResilioSync) to user A, then use user A open the folder(ResilioSync) by webdav.

In my case, the folder path become something like this:


Is it by design?Everything seems right in WebUI.

Can I remove the numbers?

Image 632

Image 633

Solved this by mannully add folder ResilioSync symbolic link to user A's home folder in container, then visit the @Home directory.

Wondering if these's a better solution so that don't need to type commandline everytime.


The numbers can't be removed. They are by design, to allow one user to share two different folders with the same name.

Trying to figure out why I would want to share two folders with the same name in my organisation's tree??

Is it possible to postfix the number instead of prefixing them?

The prefix prevents people from viewing the shares alphabetically :-(

Good point, I'll consider it.