indexing and OCR-scanning external loaded files

cracksilver 2 years ago updated by marcusbabajews 2 years ago 1

hi there

I have the following installation running successfully on an UnRaid server:

  • FileRun Docker
  • MariaDB Docker
  • Elasticsearch Docker
  • Tika-Tesseract Docker

Now I have moved about 200 gb from the outside into the user directory.

For example, these files will not appear under Photos (by date, by day, last taken). They also don't all have a thumbnail.

The few files that I uploaded directly in the FileRun GUI or via the Nextcloud app (Auto Photo Upload) all seem to have been indexed automatically and can be seen under Photos (by date, by day, last taken).

How is the procedure so that these externally loaded files are indexed and OCR-scanned? I know about the command line tools.

Which of this tools should be executed once and which should be executed daily or hourly via a cron job?

By the way, the speed at which FileRun has been working has been a real pleasure since I've run it in a Docker and not in a VM.

hi cracksilver,

have a look at this page https://docs.filerun.com/command_line_tools

You can log into the web container and run these PHP scripts to execute the indexing processes that you've setup through the web gui. 

hope that helps