Yaml Code Editor

nicoolaro2 2 years ago updated by Vlad R 2 years ago 3

First of all , this is fantastic piece of software, i read probably all of Reddit in my search for something like Google Drive that looks nice, is easy to use and with low resource usage, nothing compares to FileRun. Thank you!

Now is there a way to add YAML as an option for default Code Editor, i did not find it. If so, how can i do that?

Second i use Google Drive as Office Editor and every time i open a file i need to log to Google, is this expected?

Lastly a suggestion, i tested Nextcloud as windows client and its not great, i also tested Owncloud and it is much better in size, performance and options, it works good.

Under review

Hi! Nice to hear you enjoy using FileRun!

From the FileRun control panel, under Files > Plugins > Defaults, you can add the yaml file extension, so that it opens by default with "Text Editor". Let me know if that is not what you want.

It is normal to get a prompt of choosing the Google account, but not actually have to login, but just select your already signed in account with a click.

Thanks for the suggestion, we'll give Owncloud desktop app a try as well.

This is resolved. Yaml works as you proposed.

If we can get somehow a token,cookie or anything else to remember Google account that would be great. Right now it is somehow bothersome to wait for pop-up , pick google account then click log every time. but i can live with that!

Thank you!


We will improve the way the Google editor works, so that it doesn't prompt every time. Thank you for the suggestion.