Nextcloud on Android connects but display no files or folders

Apodasch 2 years ago updated by Vlad R 2 years ago 6


I have successfully installed my own FileRun server.

Web access is working perfectly and I can see and work with the files I have uploaded, but I can not connect with my android mobile phone.

If I connect to FileRun demo server it is working fine. I suppose it is some misconfiguration on my server.

Image 640

Image 641

Image 642

Image 643

Can somebody help?

Thank you!


I tried with the desktop application and it is not working as well...

It says: "Unable to connect to the secure server xxx. How do you wish to continue?"


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Have you enabled a download accelerator option in the control panel, not knowing what the option does? :)

I tried every accelerator and it still does not work.

By the way, I am using Windows IIS to host the server.

Do you have another idea?

Thank you very much!


1. Don't try any accelerator at all. With any choice other than "None" you will get the described behavior.

2. Look at this image: https://i.stack.imgur.com/GPW4x.png You need to have it configured with "All verbs" allowed.

Point 1. -  I understand and I will try so.

Point 2. - I have it completely different settings than you do, look:

I have much less configured. How can I add the necessary mappings. I didn't see this even in the installation manual. Can you tell me what needs to be configured so that the hard Nextcloud clients work?

Thank you very much!