Synology: Supplement to the problem of installing filerun in Web.

huiseqianbi 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 7

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The first time you install, there will be a prompt.

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Turn on ”display_errors“,OK√

In php7.3, imagine can be turned on, which is good news.


After the installation is completed, right-click, and there will be an error prompt in the file control panel.

Open "POSIX", save and solve the problem. Perfect.

Note: http://blog.filerun.com/how-to-install-filerun-on-synology-dsm-nas-using-web-station/

sudo VIM / run / PHP FPM / conf.d/ filerun.ini

This path will be removed after the Synology restarts filerun.ini 。 That is to say, after restarting the system, the file should be reconfigured.

Imagick can be called in the higher version of php7.3 of Synology. Unfortunately, some files still can't generate thumbnails, such as PDF, which require higher permissions.

Fmpeg was unable to generate thumbnails because the built-in version of Synology is too low, and Synology is not ready to upgrade it in future system versions. Therefore, additional installation is required, which is troublesome.

I failed to install libreoffice. So far, I think Synology still lags behind in some support. I decided to stop installing filerun in web. I spent too much time trying on the web version, but it failed. Docker is highly recommended. It has better and more stable support in Synology. It is recommended.

I have upgraded Synology system to the latest version (DSM 7.0). Now fmpeg has become the new version, and it can successfully generate thumbnails. Deo gratias.