Integration with Google Vision API

shaikhazeem 2 years ago updated by Vlad R 1 year ago 2

I absolutely love FileRun. It works perfectly well for my needs and thank you.

Background - I used Google Photos + Drive as my primary cloud storage. With the discontinuation of free photo storage, I started looking elsewhere and finally settled on FileRun. The only things I miss from G Photos, are its excellent AI based tagging and face detection. This enabled easy searching by person or by a landmark/place. 

Having looked at Google Vision API (link), few of the endpoints such as LABEL_DETECTION, LANDMARK_DETECTION and FACE_DETECTION could help to replicate the functionality of Google Photos to an extent. Just like the integration with Zamzar or CloudConvert, a single call to these APIs could theoretically update the metadata of the image with the response returned by these APIs.

Is this something which could align with FileRun's development direction?



Just want to add that would be great.  I have also done the same, looking for an alternative to Google Photo's and not wanting to use a Photo Manager or Cloud servers I thought I'd operate my own from my NAS (also wasn't happy with Synology's photo backup options either).  

FileRun works great, just need the things mentioned above and the Filters for photos and this would be perfect.