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Nextcloud Mobile App connecting to FileRun - invalid_client

marcusbabajews 2 years ago updated by Tommy 2 years ago 3

Hi guys,

Just installed the NextCloud mobile app and go to login to my filerun server (already running on https with API enabled but no 'clients').

I get the following JSON packet error message:

{"error":"invalid_client","message":"Client authentication failed."}

Anyone able to help?

Under review

Please tell me the Nextcloud app version and if you can use it fine with our demo (https://demo.filerun.co/)

When using the latest NextCloud iOS v3.1.07, can login to the demo website.

But nothing shows up, check the log with 'REPORT' method not implemented error 501.

Hi Vlad - apologies for the late response - I progressed and now have had my head buried in the craziness that is elastic and tika document indexing for search!

I tried for ages. I even got a friend to try on his android mobile app with same results indicating that it was the container server itself that was the issue.

the nice thing about docker is that its pretty easy to blow it away and spin up a new one which is what i did.

So no real answer for others on this unfortunately but i'm not stuck any more.

I appreciate the response