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how to integrate outside folders with symbolic links

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my data folder is lying on a NAS. in another NAS folder i have files, which i would "see" also in filerun.

the owner on NAS folder from filerun are 33:33

i run this:

ln -s /share/Daten/Public/ /share/Daten/Filerun/myname/

so now i see in the shell under ./myname the folder /Public but not with the owner 33:33, but with admin:administrator.

a chown 33:33 Public does not help

my question?

is it possible, to link an external folder to the user-data folder, and if yes, how can i index them?

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Giving that you mentioned "user-data", I'm assuming you are using Docker.

You can't link folders over a Docker volume.

You need to add a new volume.

Yes, I am running Filerun with Docker Compose.


- $PWD/data:/var/www/html

- $PWD/userdata:/user-files

In the directory $PWD/userdata/username there is the symbolic link "Public" which points to /share/data/public.

But owner is not www-data:www-data but root:root

How should I mount a new volume so that I can see it for this one user?