Default Columns in Detail View

webmaster 6 years ago updated by Vlad R 5 years ago 6

There should be a way for the site admin to set the default columns in detailed view...for example to make sure all users see Labels. At the very least, user column preferences could be saved in the database...currently I often have to re-add the Labels column because I clear browser data often.

I think this is already in the global settings? Try clicking the settings icon in the top right then going to Configuration -> Interface -> Options -> Default display mode

Not quite, in those settings you can set the default view mode, like setting Detailed View as default, but you cannot do anything to set which columns are defaulted, like forcing the Labels collumn on.

Under review

Other custom metadata fields can be configured to show by default as columns. Will take it into consideration to make this work for other "system" fields as well.

With the software update which will be released in a few days, the label column will be enabled by default in the detailed view.

This feature would help us greatly as well, is this still on the roadmap?


As written above, labels are shown by default, while custom metadata fields can already be configured to show as default. At this time we do not plan to save the user's columns preference on the server.

If you are interested in additional functionality, please open a new topic.