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thumbnails in "my files" folder

boosterwap71in 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2


I uploaded video files. I can see thumbnails and play from "video" folder.

but i dont see any thumbnails and any file from "my files"

I have the same problem with photos.


Under review

Perhaps the permissions of the folder does not allow PHP to write data in there. This data would be the thumbnail cache.


thanks for your quick reply.

I would like to redefine my problem.


i create in "My Files" new folder  "New Folder". I uploaded my MP4 and JPEG files in this "New folder"

Refresh, refresh. 

I check "New folder"  -> nothing

I check video", i find my uploaded MP4, i can play

I check "photo" -> "last taken". I find my JPEG. I can show, no problem

I came back to "my files" / "New folder", nothing


i check "thumbnails" folder, i can find PNG MP4 and JPEG files

So, i am lost in the "jungle" of filerun