How to use AESCrypt in Docker FileRun?

Rudhra 2 years ago updated by britt 4 days ago 5

Just wondering how one could use AESCrypt when Filerun is installed via Docker (Compose). 
You can't simply enter the path to the host OS filesystem if you install AESCrypt there..


One would have to enter the Docker container command line and install the AESCrypt binary.

Can you maybe link/make a small guide on how to do this? I don't think anyone directly knows how to implement this. Thanks in advance!

You download the source code from aescrypt website.

Unpack it inside your filerun/html/somefolder. Follow the steps in the readme file. Basically you just run the make command from that folder then copy 2 files to the plugins directory. Also make a backup of those files somewhere else so you never have to do this again. And delete 'somefolder'.

In Settings, set the path. Save. Refresh. Done 😃

addition to my explanation below:

1) the readme in the sourcecode is a better step by step guide.

2) path to set in Filerun > Settings > Plugins > AESCrypt: 


Note there is no trailing slash. 

Hi Rudhra many thanks for taking the time to write these answers. I will check the readme first and see if I can understand it from there.