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LibreOffice Not displaying MS Office Thumbnails

admin 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 7

I'm having trouble getting MS Office documents thumbnails to display.  They just display the default "Word, Excel..." icons, instead of the document .png.  My setup is FileRun in a Ubuntu VM with LibreOffice installed on the same VM.  Things I've done already to fix:

1. re-install Libreoffice on the VM

2. Checked path to LibreOffice in "Thumbnail/Preview" in Control Panel

3. Ran troubleshooter upon right-click on MS Office document > control panel option (output is below..)...

Image 717

4.  Made sure user www-data owns LibreOffice, & /home/files/ directory

Thank you for your assistance.

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Try to copy the command from the log (the line stars with "Running:") and run it manually from the server's command line and see its output.

I get a return of:

Error: source file could not be loaded

Make sure you have all libreoffice packages, particularly "libreoffice-writer", installed. What is the LibreOffice version you are using?

LibreOffice 00(Build:2)

I've just installed "libreoffice-writer" & rebooted server.  When I run the log command from the command line, I get:

Error: Please verify input parameters... (SfxBaseModel::impl_store failed: 0xc10(Error Area:Io Class:Write Code:16) /build/libreoffice-muaG6z/libreoffice-7.0.4~rc2/sfx2/source/doc/sfxbasemodel.cxx:3153 /build/libreoffice-muaG6z/libreoffice-7.0.4~rc2/sfx2/source/doc/sfxbasemodel.cxx:1735)

Okay.  I uninstalled LibreOffice 7, and installed LibreOffice 6.4. Rebooted. Changed permissions as in my original post.

The log output looks normal:

If I upload a new MS Office document via the web dialog, the thumbnail appears as it should.  The MS Office documents ALREADY present DO NOT display a thumbnail (even after refresh).

Do I need to dis-provision the /home/files directory entirely?  and, then re-provision it?  in order to get the server to apply the correct thumbnail rendering process?

The existing files will show a thumbnail eventually. FileRun waits a while after a failed attempt at generating thumbnails for a file.

Thank you Vlad!  The thumbnails are showing up, just slowly.  I would consider this topic resolved.  Thanks for the help.