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LibreOffice Plugin not displaying DOCX files

Paul L 2 years ago updated by Vlad R 2 years ago 7

I was able to view DOCX files in FileRun in the past but noticed recently that when trying to view these files in FileRun either the page is blank or various pages display garbage characters.  The thumbnails displays fine and I can view these files directly in LibreOffice without any problems.  Is this a FileRun bug or should I be looking for something else to correct the problem?

Older DOC files will also no longer display with the LibreOffice viewer.  The display fine using Google doc viewer or MSOffice viewer.  The LibreOffice Viewer source in the "customizables" folder is encoded so I can't look at that for any help.

Under review

Are you seeing thumbnails for newly uploaded DOC/DOCX files?

Yes, thumbnails are created and display fine for newly uploaded documents.

I should also mention I am using the latest Edge Browser (v88.0.705.68)

Looks like it was an Edge Browser issue.  Just updated from v88.0.705.68 to 88.0.705.74 and the DOC/DOCX files now display properly.  Cheers !!