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Metadata And Internally Shared Folders

gary parr 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 5

I have a music directory and a photo directory that I need to have shared between me and my wife. At first, I thought I could have these at the root superuser directory level and share anonymously up to our individual user accounts. Unfortunately, the metadata doesn't seem to come along with the share, meaning the pictures and songs don't appear in the user's Photos or Music libraries.

It seems that the metadata is tied to the user/item combined key.  I suppose this makes sense for probably most user to user sharing situations. Let the user getting the share decide how they want to classify the content.

So, first question... am I correct that it's a user/item combined key for the metadata?

If so... second question is, how does one actually go about creating a shared content library like this where metadata is common across all users of the share?

My end goal here is that photos added to the photos library by either user will show up as "photos" in the other users photo view. Same for music and videos.


OK, so... just realized I was wrong about this. From my regular user account I can see that the pictures in the anonymously shared photo library are correctly tagged with the right file type metadata.  FileRun knows these are photos.

So... why don't they appear in my "Photos" section appropriately sorted by date taken, tag, etc?  Is there some setting I'm missing somewhere that allows shared content to appear here?



OK... so, as I think through this more it seems the basic issue is that I'm trying to use "shared" content in FileRun as way to create "co-owned" which is truly a different model. Is the right answer here to create a link to the photo and music directories within each users home directory?  How will FileRun handle metadata in this situation... a unique set for each link? I'd think then that user A adding a photo will be treated as an "externally added" item for user B. Assuming so, I'd then be looking at metadata cron jobs to process that new item for user B.

Am I on the right track here? Or is there a native way to handle this "co-ownership" in FileRun that I'm just overlooking?



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The media library options (Photos, Music, Videos) applies only to items under one user's home folder. It does not include folders and files shared by other users.

You could have a symlink in the user's home folders, but because the items will have different filesystem paths for the different users, then FileRun will keep two separate sets of metadata for the same files.

Thank Vlad, this is the conclusion I came to.

Due to the multiple sets of metadata, I'm thinking the only way to keep all users in sync would be a custom job to get all the files updated since the last job run and then pass those files individually into cron/metadata_update_file_type. Does that sound about right?

For what it is worth, a "show as native content" option for anonymously shared folders might be a good candidate for some future release. I can easily see how groups working on a common folder may appreciate this, especially groups with shared media resources such as marketing departments.



After playing around with this, I've realized there is currently no good solution.

The symlink gives each user a copy of the files with the full media library experience, but at the expense of common attributes such as comments and tags. The shared folders provide those common attributes, but at the expense of the media library features.

I'll just be sitting here in the back of the room patiently waiting for Vlad to roll out an update :-)