metadata cleanup

gary parr 2 years ago updated by Vlad R 2 years ago 4

Is there an easy way to cleanup the metadata? Specifically, duplicate items in the database?

Suppose I did something stupid (shocker, right?) and ran...

cron/metadata_index.php user /root/user/folder

... and then later ran...

cron/metadata_index.php user /root/user/folder/

... which look similar, but that trailing forward slash on the second run caused some weirdness. In my music for example, I now have duplicate song listings where the only thing different is the paths as such

  • My Files/folder/sub-folder
  • My Files/folder//sub-folder

I tried running the paths_cleanup.php but that didn't resolve it.




It's an honest mistake, we'll make sure we make it so that this doesn't happen again.

Please replace "system/modules/search/sections/cli/php/paths_cleanup.php" with this version , then run:

cron> php paths_cleanup.php --deep true --aggressive true --path /root/user

Where "/root/user" is specified just to limit this process to the particular subfolder.

Excellent, thanks for the script update!  I'll go run this now and report back to confirm it worked.

Worked like a champ, thanks!