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artist sort

gary parr 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2

Anyone know why Music/By Artist doesn't sort by the artist name? A better question... does anyone know how to make Music/By Artist sort by the artist name?



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The files must be indexed by FileRun. You can run the metadata indexing on a folder, by right-clicking it, choosing "More options", "Control Panel", and then "Index file metadata" and click "Run".

Your audio files would obviously need to contain the metadata (ID3, etc).

Interestingly, I'm not seeing this behavior. I've run the metadata scripts a few times and I'd assume the metadata is being picked up or else the audio wouldn't appear under the Music Library in the first place, right?

Also, if I manually sort the By Artist virtual folders in the content pane using the name, it works as expected. It won't stay that way if I leave and come back... it always reverts to the way the tree is sorted.

The screen cap below shows how the tree sorts (I can't tell yet what value it is using for that sort, but it is consistently in this order) and in the content pane you can see that name will wort correctly when I ask it to.