Create thumbnails for unique files only

Rudhra 2 years ago updated by Vlad R 2 years ago 5
  - $DOCKERDIR/filerun/html:/var/www/html   
  - $DATAPOOL/Users:/user-files:rw # Mount local host user containing family shared files, into home users folders 
  - $DATAPOOL/Users/Local/Asterix:/user-files/Local/$USER1/Asterix - $DATAPOOL/Users/Local/Asterix:/user-files/Local/$USER2/Asterix

On my home PC and laptop, I have a single user account, the devices are shared with the family in this house. Documents, photo albums (+/- 600GB) are in the /Users/Local/Asterix folder.

Besides that everyone has their own folder.

In FileRun, to make that shared folder called Asterix available for multiple users, I use the volume mapping as shown above.

Currently I am running the create_thumbs.php script. Unfortunately, it creates thumbnails for each file with their absolute file path. This means, the 600GB of photos in /Asterix will have double thumbnails: for ../USER1/Asterix and for ../USER2/Asterix.

As a suggestion, files could have thumbnails that are relative. I don't know how without hashing everything for deduplication.. but perhaps there is a simpler solution possible when FileRun builds support to allow a user account to have >1 user folder :)

maybe I'm mistaken, during generation of the 2nd user it looked like it skipped all files in that mounted asterix folder because a thumb already existed :)

good stuff!

i testedNNextCloud last week and can't believe it's so popular. FileRun works so fast. Instant. And having a dedicated folder on the host machine for each user is much better. I like FR more and more!

Under review

Be default thumbs are being saved in the same folder as the files, so FileRun should not generate twice for the same file.

It would be more useful to use one FileRun account to share the folder with the second. This way a comment, metadata, etc. attached by one user would be visible by the other. Using links or mounts would have FileRun think that they are two different files because of the different paths.

makes sense, not ideal though..

if the user accesses via webdav, will the folder I shared with her be visible? Or is it only visible via the FileRun UI?


(I ditched the NextCloud app, it's useless. CX File Explorer is a better webdav file manager. FolderSync is the only good webdav sync app. NextCloud doesn't have a sync feature at all, it only has something that will sync files from server to some Android system folder (single direction, no sync) that other apps can't access normally. Makes it unusable. Also no way to sync the other direction: folders in Android userspace with the server. so no reason to use that app).


Yes, the shared folder is accessible via WebDAV or Nextcloud apps.
Thank you for the app suggestions, though Nextcloud should synch both ways.

Feel free to "close" or set to status to solved for this topic :)