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Apple-format video playback

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There seems to be something wrong with Apple-format video playback

How do I set it up?

"Apple-format" is a too ambiguous. Please specify file extension and video codec used.

Apple QuickTime Movie

ISO/IEC 14496-3 AAC


Apple 11

It would be great if you could share a sample file.

New feedback:

In different browsers, the video online playback effect is different

Edge (89.0.774.75) doesn't seem to work very well. Video jitters and MP4 is normal. After turning off hardware acceleration, like IE, MOV format video can't be played and MP4 is normal.

Sogou browser has no such problem

Internet Explorer will tell you that the video format is not supported and cannot be played

UC browser and Firefox browser have only sound but no video

Closed for lack of information

We do not have control over the browsers' video playback capabilities. You are welcome to report browser issues to the their respective developers.