Prevent Visitors to Download or Hide Download Menu

irfantony 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2


When sharing video via Web Link, there's advanced option to "disable visitors to download this file"

But this setting make the video can't be seen/played. Only default thumbnail displayed.

Q1: is it possible to prevent visitor to download the video?

If I enable setting for visitors to download this file, on visitor's browser there's prominent info bar on top with info of filename, file size and DOWNLOAD button.

Q2: Is it possible to hide this top-bar on visitor's browser?



Assuming your web links preview with the default plugin "Video Player", edit the plugin options from the FileRun control panel to enable "Allow playback without download permission". Then you can disable download permissions on the shared links, while the video will still play, without showing download options.

Do not assume that this makes your video playable but the visitors won't be able to save the video data if they put a bit of effort into it. There is no way of sharing data without sharing data. 

Perfect! It's working like a champ.

Yes, I'm aware there's no guarantee to protect video 100% but at least I can hide that DOWNLOAD button for casual users. 

And I noticed the right click is disable as well. Perfecto!

Thank you Vlad