How to change domain name?

Vitalii 2 years ago updated by Vlad R 2 years ago 3


Some time ago I've set up FileRun without certificate and had no issues.

Now we've changed policies and applied certificate on proxy server and have force redirection.

And the FileRun stopped working. The login page opens but when I'm trying login there the browser shows that login request goes on http://... and request blocks. 

I've trying to search some config files where this domain name could be but have no success.

I've cleaned up the system\data\temp\smarty folder and re-registered the app but again no success. 

Could you please help with this issue and advice how I could fix it? 


You just have to delete the file "system/data/filerun.dat", access FileRun via the new domain and re-register from its control panel.

Using the forums automatic post searching will get you answered to common questions like this one. ;)

But since we have certificate only on load balancer the request to the instance would be http not https.

Do we have some manual way to change it?

Then it's not about the domain name as the topic title says, it's about the protocol. You should look into configuring your reverse proxy server to forward the right HTTP headers, to preserve the external protocol used.