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Where to enter the received license code after registering

philibuster 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 2

After registering my copy of FileRun I received a license key by email. The instructions said to copy the licence key to my FileRun installation. Great, but where? Where do I enter my license key?

Under review

When you register under the "Software licensing" control panel section, you are first being asked for an e-mail address, and then right away you should be prompted to paste in the received license key.

Perhaps there's an error and second prompt fails?

I entered the Control Panel again, selected Configuration > More > Software licensing, and got the e-mail prompt again. I re-entered the same e-mail address and clicked OK. Now I got the FileRun installation is already registered prompt with the client account link in it. Then I clicked the client account link which brought up the Paste received license key prompt. I clicked Cancel to retry the procedure and the 2nd time when I clicked the client account link, I was taken to the FileRun.com login page. On my 3th try, I clicked the OK button in the FileRun installation is already registered prompt and finally got the Paste received license key prompt again. From there on everything went smooth. 
My suggestion is to add descriptive texts in the prompts explaining what to click for what action. As it is now, it is just not obvious to me as new user what to do or what to expect. As this applies to registering a license, you tend to be super careful.