Onlyoffice big issue: nothing is saved, even though it says so

Rudhra 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 8

Since I recreated my container with the latest docker image, it doesn't matter if I edit files or create new files and save changes manually or use autosave: nothing is saved.

I already lost a big spreadsheet because I am used to FileRun + OnlyOffice working fine and autosaving.

I am not sure what changed?
I even copied the onlyoffice app.php file from my backup, I tested saving files successfully, but apparently only the first file edit was saved.

When I create a new file, add some text and close it, re-open it, the text is there. But when I am working on a newly created file for a few minutes, close it and later open it again, it is empty!

Since there is very little to debug here, I am posting this here, hoping to see if others have the same experience.

I think I found the issue!

To reproduce: 

1. Configure via Settings > Defaults, Office Documents to be viewed and previewed with OFFICE WEB VIEWER, and to be edited with ONLYOFFICE.

2. Create a new OnlyOffice spreadsheet via FileRun.

3. Put some text in the file. Save it manually unless you have autosave enabled.

4. Close the browser tab.

5. In FileRun, doubleclick the file, Office Web Viewer will show the spreadsheet and your text.

6. Close the preview.

7. Open the file via FileRun rightclick, Open With... > OnlyOffice.

8. An error is shown "THE FILE VERSION HAS CHANGED, THE PAGE WILL BE RELOADED" with a red cross. Hit OK.

9. An empty file is shown.

10. Refresh Filerun tab just to be sure and download the file locally, note the file is indeed empty!

This means, Office Web Viewer does something to the file, destroying its contents permanently.

The only reason I use Office Web Viewer as viewer, is because when you select OnlyOffice as viewer, documents are always opened in edit mode. Someone else posted this issue in a seperate thread. 


Actually, even if you completely disable Office Web Viewer, and ONLY open files with OnlyOffice, after opening a newly in Filerun created spreadsheet multiple times, you will get the same error, and your file will be empty.

So the issue is not with Office Web Viewer.

What could be the issue here?

I thought it might be related to files being synced via webdav with nextcloud desktop client to a laptop. I revoked all app access via User Settings and was still able to reproduce the issue. 

Assuming you are using Apache as a webserver, did you check the access and error logs? Especially check the HTTP return codes of the server responses in the access log. It seems like a possible caching issue to me. 

I use the docker version of Filerun. All logs are linked to stdout and stderr (that is how docker images are usually configured, just like Filerun), showing the combined log in for example Portainer. 

There are no php errors.

The OnlyOffice docker container does show some errors that I have not seen before.

==> /var/log/onlyoffice/documentserver/converter/out.log <==

[2021-07-26T12:25:46.841] [ERROR] nodeJS - stdout (id=589153--1627302286_1033):

[2021-07-26T12:25:46.841] [ERROR] nodeJS - stderr (id=589153--1627302286_1033):Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'zla' of null

DoctRenderer:<result><error index="-2" /></result>

[2021-07-26T12:25:46.841] [ERROR] nodeJS - ExitCode (code=86;signal=null;error:-86;id=589153--1627302286_1033)

[2021-07-26T12:25:57.255] [ERROR] nodeJS - stdout (id=589153--1627302286_5931):

[2021-07-26T12:25:57.255] [ERROR] nodeJS - stderr (id=589153--1627302286_5931):Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'zla' of null

DoctRenderer:<result><error index="-2" /></result>

[2021-07-26T12:25:57.255] [ERROR] nodeJS - ExitCode (code=86;signal=null;error:-86;id=589153--1627302286_5931)

I should mention this issue does not seem to happen when I create docx files. 

Also, I did not update my onlyoffice container.. the only change was the updated Filerun container.

I deleted my persistent /html folder (not the db folder and not the db container), my docker container and image and ran compose.

A new image was pulled, new container created, I used my license to activate.

I also removed my Onlyoffice container, image and persistent volume. 

I keep getting this issue after editing new or existing XLSX files (not with docx):

I can now confidently confirm this is a general issue, not unique to my installation.

I did a brand new install, without any persistent volumes, no database nothing.

I did docker-compose up -d for Filerun, mariadb and Onlyoffice.

Then I only configured OnlyOffice in FileRun Settings (the URL and JWT secret).

Same issue, only with XLSX files.

Please update the OnlyOffice connector. I fully understand focus shifted to support LibreOffice and that is also a great Office Suite, but it runs server side and it's UI needs some getting used to (which old people can't do anymore).

OnlyOffice is the onlye selfhosted Office Suite that runs client-side, relieving the server resources. 

@Vlad is it possible to share whether the OnlyOffice connector will be fixed/updated in the future?
It is not possible to edit new/existing XLSX files, you will always end up with blank, empty files.