Critical security update available! (2021.06.27)

Vlad R 1 year ago updated by Rudhra 1 year ago 19

A FileRun software update containing critical security fixes is now available.

How important is this?

The fixed vulnerabilities are of a critical level. In the worst case scenario, an attacker can create a shell script on your server, gaining read and write access to your files and data.

Which FileRun versions are affected?

All FileRun versions prior to version 2021.06.27 are affected. See the list of FileRun software updates here:

How do I install software updates?

Please see:

My FileRun Enterprise license no longer has support

Support service can be extended at any time from your FileRun client account. It includes technical assistance and access to software updates. The pricing for the service is listed on this page.

If your support service expired just a few months ago, please contact us ( by specifying the license key or domain name the license is registered for. We might be able to provide temporary free access to the software update.

If your support service expired long ago, contact us anyway and we will try to provide a cost-effective solution.

Hi! When will the docker image be update?

Thank you

BTW excellent product!

The Docker image should be installing the latest FileRun version.

FileRun updates are not released via the Docker image, but they get installed from the control panel of the FileRun installation.

I might have missed something here,so please correct me if i'm wrong...

Based on the statement above, each time i delete and re-create the docker container (daily in my case) i would need to manually apply the license and manually install the update from the control panel?

Recreating the Docker container does not and should not make any change to your FileRun data, including user and application files, database or licensing data.

Ok, sounds legit! many thanks for information!

PS keep up the great work!

Hey the docker image is super out of date and wont allow me to install a license key thru the panel to get updates any way of installing the license key manually

You can always get a fresh Docker image. It shouldn't alter your FileRun installation in any way.
There is no manual way of applying a license.

show message in docker version:

Server response: The FileRun installation cannot be registered to a local hostname. Sorry!

How would you like us to help?

I can't get the details of the error.

There is no corresponding log output in the docker log, and there is no relevant log in cPanel/admin/activity logs.

How should I position this problem?

The error message above is self explanatory. You can't register FileRun as long as the hostname used to access is a local one or a local IP.

Oh, I see. My service runs in the local NAS. How do I upgrade it?

I am afraid there is no option at the moment for this case. Other than reinstalling from scratch using the latest version.
Best if you can temporarily get a public IP or domain/subdomain pointed at the server, to be able to register and then get updates.

the latest libreoffice docker image don't seams to be updated

Thank you for pointing it out, we will update it.

will you still support Onlyoffice in the future? To be able to edit documents?

But it has been broken for spreadsheet files for months. Worse, FileRun deletes the content of spreadsheets when edited via FileRun in OnlyOffice. Note the topics about this clarifying the issue. Perhaps it slipped from the attention. 

I'm evaluating your product but please keep the docker images up to date!