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guest users are deleted

Antonio P 1 year ago updated by Vlad R 12 months ago 5

Hi, I can create different guest users, let's say 10 guest users. When I share a resource with this 10 users everything is fine. I want to group this 10 user in a group called guestUsers. I create this group and add this 10 users on it. To save time I want to share a resource with this group instead individually. The problem is when I share it users are automatically deleted. Am i doing something wrong?


An update on this, guest user is deleted when this user access via the web link , for example , after clicking https://url/guest.php?key=0a5b2484248ce61b65ef22dcc7281d4bdafdc641a4ca206c96c2936ef5bb3d07 is deleted; 

if user does not try to access to the url he remains on repository but if tries to access is deleted automatically

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Perhaps there is a moment in your process, where the guest users no longer have any files shared with them, in which case it is expected for their accounts to be automatically closed: https://docs.filerun.com/guest_users#deleting_guest_user_accounts

Which would be the correct process? Basically I want to have a group of guest users and when sharing some resource instead of adding one by one, share this guest user group created.


You can create a regular group, add existing FileRun users to that group, and share files and folders with that group. It is straightforward.