how to recover file from filerun.nextcloud-chunked-upload

1134493705 1 year ago updated by Rudhra 1 year ago 3

anyone konws this, i want to recover file from like filerun.nextcloud-chunked-upload folder.

when my nextcloud client was syncing the folder , i logout my account and restall nextcloud.

i lost my file that have been synchronize.

FileRun or NextCloud client doesn't modify the file or folder that it syncs. Just copy/sync again. The original file or folder should still be on your device. Unless you deleted it.

thank you for replying me .I thank i can look for my old files in my old disk.

What I am trying to say: 

Assuming you are talking about the mobile Nextcloud client app, which does not have syncing functionality(!) it only uploads files in 1 direction, that's it (called auto-upload): 

You were uploading a folder from A to B.
You then removed the application during uploading (never do such a thing again!).

This means B now has an incomplete folder and probably incomplete files.

But your files and folder on A are still OK. Can you confirm?

If you are talking about the Desktop client, that does do 2-way sync. I cannot imagine you removed that application while it was syncing!? But if you did and there were new/modified files on both A and B, at least the files that were syncing to B, should still be intact on A and vice versa.