Not a bug

Failed to load audio file: undefined

bigpanther 1 year ago updated by ben 2 months ago 4

this fileRun application was built with Alpine Linux.

All is running well - uploading/downloading is working. can open text files and update them. No issue.

But when i a double click on a audio file i will get this messages and nothing happens

Failed to load audio file: undefined

No Errors on php_error.log, nor apache2(httpd) logs

ok - i did found the cause. 

I did enable "Apache XSendfile" accelerator & this tool was not installed on the server.

But .. i think fielRun should give a better message, like "sorry - Apache XSendfile is installed/configured on your system"

Thanks. I was about to give up on filerun. The xsendfile accelerator should have a check on it like the other addons.

Not a bug

PHP can't detect the presence of the Apache xsendfile. But I'm happy to hear that you managed.

Thanks for your feedback Vlad R. i do appreciate.