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Delete file option for groups or user

Fran R 1 year ago updated by Vlad R 1 year ago 5

Hi all,

i don't find any way to remove or hide the delete option for some users or groups.

Is there a way using the backoffice or using a css hack?



Under review

The permission is called "User can make changes to files and folders".

Thanks for your help. Yes but if I unchecked it the user can not anymore move files between folders...

I would need he can move files but not delete them. Is there any way?


Not at this time. We do plan to split some of the permissions up soon.

I understand. Do you think there is a way using CSS or JS to identify connected user and hide icon?


It is technically possible, but we can't help with guidance on this given that we are working hard on releasing an update which will break the code customization anyway.