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khodges 1 year ago updated by Vlad R 1 year ago 2

Trying to get Filerun set up to play around with and possibly implement for our company. I went to forge.autodesk.com and went in to create an app. It asks for which API's would be used? I created a test app and selected all of the API's hoping that it would work. I then took the client id and secret, and entered those in the admin section for the AutoCAD plugin. When I go to a DWG file saved in the program, and try to preview it, this is the error I get:

Error while authenticating with Autodesk API: The client_id (application key)/client_secret are not valid

Also, the callback URL? Is there anything needed to be added to the end of the URL for the Filerun install?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Well, if I can't get answers to what I need to promote this to the people who will make the decisions regarding a paid enterprise license? I'll move on. Thanks. Good luck.

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You can select all APIs.

Write your FileRun installation URL for the callback URL.

You are requesting free help related to the free FileRun version. We are busy working on providing you with the next free FileRun version. We reply when we can. If you wish information relating to the Enterprise FileRun version, you are welcome to contact us directly: https://filerun.com/contact