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yossiyemin 1 year ago updated by Vlad R 1 year ago 8

Hello everyone,

It is already known when the new version in which it will be possible to connect via the nextcloud app on the mobile phone should be released?

Or alternatively a way in which you can today connect to a server through nextcloud on your mobile phone

Under review

Are you asking about iOS?


The upcoming update should bring compatibility with Nextcloud on iOS. We are also preparing soon the development of our own apps.


Expected to release the update?

In addition is it possible to be an experimenter in the beta program of the app on ios?

Is there anything new about the update?

The update is out now, though the iOS Android hasn't been tested. We plan to release our own app soon.

I would love to test it out through a testflight

We'll update here when we start that. Thanks!