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Problems updating from GUI using 'filerun/filerun' docker container

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I've having some problems updating and looking for a bit of help.

I'm using the latest 'filerun/filerun' docker container and trying to update from  2021.06.27  >  2021.12.07  from the GUI but having problems.

So licence applies ok and I can download the update:

Image 880

But when clicking install it hangs on this:

Image 881

I'm pretty new to this and not sure what the issue is, from the php_error_log:

Image 882

Any idea what i'm doing wrong?

I'm having the exact same issue. Part of me feels like I have the latest version as the docker it installed from is apparently 2021.12.07 but like you, mine says 2021.06.27 and the update process seems to fail with identical behaviour. Thought it was just me.

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In the screenshot I see the latest FileRun version.

Something went wrong, with the latest FileRun version getting identified as an old one. I am looking into it.

I am guessing this was not a fresh FileRun install from "filerun/filerun" image?

Thanks for looking into it.

Yes, this was migrated over from the old 'afian/filerun' container, i've removed it now so can't check what version of the image it was, but know it was whatever the latest version was. Don't think it matters but if it helps with troubleshooting it was installed on Unraid via Community applications.

I migrated from the old 'afian/filerun' container straight to the new 'filerun/filerun' container. It's showing that i'm currently on version 2021.06.27, although it does look very different from the old container so looks like it's updated.

Let me know if you need any more details etc and can send over. Php error log ---->  Php error log

same issue for me updating from docker

Can you kindly let me know more details on the setup, so that I understand how to reproduce this? My best guess so far is that there was either an older or a non-official Docker image used, and then perhaps replaced with a different Docker image.

No worries, i've updated my last comment with more details 

This is what I think happened:

1. you had an existing FileRun installation in the MySQL/MariaDB container, belonging to the old FileRun version.
2. there was no FileRun installation folder found. (Perhaps the folder that was previously mounted as volume for "/var/www/html" was deleted?)

3. running the new Docker image, didn't find an old installation folder, so created one, using application files of the latest FileRun version. But it did find the old MySQL database, so it used that (despite the fact that it was not of right FileRun version).

I am trying to see how to get this fixed now.

If this is a completely fresh installation, it can be fixed by restarting using a different database name than before, so that FileRun recreates a new database. This solution is not good if you already have data (FileRun user accounts, metadata, links, comments, etc) in the installation and you wish to keep that.

If it's an old installation with data to be kept, the database structure needs updating. Better to revert the FileRun application files to the older version in this case, and try again the update from the FileRun control panel.

The process is described here: https://docs.filerun.com/php7#please_follow_these_steps The FileRun package need is this one (2021.06.27): https://f.afian.se/wl/?id=5TqfkdXt1lyGxhxsPFYz5Q55ThWCDgKM&fmode=download

Thanks for that. Went for the first option with a fresh install and no problems, on the latest version.