Upload Empty Folders Bug

suporte 1 year ago updated by Vlad R 8 months ago 3

When I select multiple files and folders to upload, Filerun normally uploads the files and folders that contain files. If a folder doesn't contain any files, the system should create this folder, but it doesn't, and then I have to manually create folders one by one through Filerun's create folder function. Is there any configuration that makes Filerun create these folders even though they are empty during upload?


The system shouldn't upload an empty folder, there is no HTTP convention for uploading nothing. So this is not a bug.

But, your expected behavior is that the folder would be recreated on the server, which is understandable as it would be quite useful.

I've changed this from a bug report to a feature request. ;) I do plan to add this at some point.

Thanks. It will be very useful. Because in some systems that we upload through Filerun, there are empty folders that will be used later for storing files that will be sent by the installed system. I use FileRun as a remote file manager for Linux servers, where I don't need to access them via SSH, just the browser.