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Curl error 23 when applying latest 1/13/22 update

ruggiero 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 9

Cannot update to this new version via Control Panel.  I get FAILURE WRITING OUTPUT TO DESTINATION when clicking download.  Nothing has changed with my server environment although I am on a shared host. I upgraded to 2021.12.07 just fine previously.

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Can you please check the PHP error log for related entries? Make sure the FileRun folder "system/data/temp" is writable by PHP.

No errors that I can see; what's more in the temp folder there ARE files from the failed update, including a file called "cache.settings.tmp.php", and a SMARTY folder....so a download begins and then is stopped for some reason.  And again, this doesn't explain why previous upgrades were flawless.

Is there free space on the disk?

Yes, at least 500GB available.

Tell me more about the server setup, OS/platform, HTTP server, PHP version.

Apache/Nginx with caching enabled (was during the last update), Cpanel.  PHP 7.4 (highest version available on my host).  Don't know what else to tell you.  Note I never noticed before if it was there but I see a method to manually upload the update package.  Do you have such an update?

@vlad r, I just wanted to update you on something.  On a hunch I downloaded the latest filerun version from the website, and uploaded the Zip file to my host - the upload errored out at the end because the server caught a virus in the file.  So something in your code is being falsely detected as a virus by my host.

Not a bug

Thank you for pointing it out. Can you share the name of the hosting service, or if you know, the antivirus used?

The provider is Servarica, a Canadian host that happens to offer shared hosting with large disk space allocations.  I knew it wasn't really a virus, so I wrote to their support.  They informed me that sometimes NGINX caching can cause these issues, so they disabled it on  the server.  The filerun update went PERFECTLY after that.  They must have enabled the cache setting recently and I never noticed.

Sorry for bothering you, but I am glad we now know there's a correlation.