Google Maps API Key - Not Working?

corneliousjd 11 months ago updated 10 months ago 1

I *must* be doing something wrong but I cannot figure out what.

I created a new maps static API key, allowed unsigned usage, and added restrictions for my domain *.domain.com/* and my actual filerun.domain.com as well - and restricted for only static map API usage for the key, but all I get is the broken image link under "Location" for photos. 

I also of course put the API key into FileRun config and saved it, and cleared cache and reloaded, and still just getting the broken image instead of a map.

Is there something I'm doing wrong?

Image 922

I dug more into this today and I forgot to actually LINK the billing profile to the project in the Google cloud platform.

I had created the project, and created a billing profile, but never linked the two together. 

Once I linked them together everything immediately started working. 

I had tested with disabling any credential restrictions previously, but now that I've got it working I'm turning all those restrictions back on. This can be marked as solved, but I wanted to put my answer here for anyone else who searches for it!

Ps, it was showing 4xx as the error code in the API cloud platform for the response group.