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which keyword or subject would be imported for mp4-files

johnny u 11 months ago updated 11 months ago 6

Hello, is there any Meta-Tag (Quicktime, XMP, IPTC) for mp4-Video-Files that would be imported as "Keyword-Tag"?

Under review

I can tell you if you provide a sample file that has the metadata you wish to import.

I don't have a special sample file. I would like to set tags from an external DB via exiftool.

I've tried xmp-dc:Subject, quicktime:description and quicktime:keywords but no one works.

I can't help without a sample file.

Ok, here is a testfile with all Meta-Tags that i have tested set. test.mp4
I have placed it via shell and processed cron/metadata_update_file_type.php, but there are no Tags in filerun.

I see no tags in that file to begin with.

which tool do you use? I'm using exiftool 12.18 to view/manipulate the tags

$ exiftool -s -G -Description -Subject -keywords test.mp4
[XMP] Description : testdescription
[XMP] Subject : testxmpdc
[QuickTime] Keywords : testkeywords