Square thumbnails

admin 1 year ago updated by Vlad R 11 months ago 10

Is there a way in version 20220113 show square thumbnails like in older versions?

Image 934

Image 935

Under review

The thumbnails are squared but get stretched based on available size. Does it bother you that they get wider?

As you can see in the photo, the thumbnails are cropped in the new version. Is it possible to set a hard square?

Perhaps your documents are not square?

You can see in the photo that my documents are square, but the thumbnails are cut.

Your document is taller than it is wider, so even if the thumbnail would be a perfect square, it wouldn't fit anyway.

My document size 335x335 mm. Please see attach file. J2111-0204.pdf

Optical illusion :)

So my takeaway is that you would like the thumbnails to maintain a constant aspect ratio, and be square. Will look into doing so with the next FileRun updates.


Issue fixed with the latest FileRun update.