Profile Image not loading after 20220202

Marthur J 10 months ago updated by Vlad R 6 months ago 11

After updating to 20220202 I noticed that my profile image isn't loading anymore, tested on my desktop computer via Chrome and Firefox. Cleared browser cache and same results. Same issue using Chrome on my Android device. Reverted back to snapshot of the FileRun VM before the update and my profile image is working again, it's only when I update to 20220202 that I run into the issue.

I also attempted to reset and also update the profile image, same issue.

Image 968

Thank you for all the hard work with FileRun.


I also noticed that my profile image before the update could be loaded from https://filerun.mydomain.com/a/?uid=1 without issue. However, after the update, I now get the following error when loading the profile image:

I'm currently using FIleRun via docker, behind Nginx.

Disabling Gravatar Service now generates a Profile Image with my initials and is also viewable from https://filerun.mydomain.com/a/?uid=1. However, when attempting to change to a custom profile image again from my computer (with Gravatar still disabled), I get the same error with the broken image browser thumbnail in it's place.

Under review

I'm looking into it..


[fix will be provided soon, this one was not good]

I replaced the file, re-enabled the download accelerator, and the issue continued to occur with most Gravatar avaatars. The only two avatars that didn't break were the ones of users sharing with me.

Same issue here after replacing the avatar.php and testing filerun in private browsing mode.

I have the same issue as the other users above. I've downloaded the updated "avatar.phpfile linked above, refreshed, etc., without success. I am able to reset the user avatars to default but uploading/saving custom avatars still returns broken thumbnails. Affects all users notwithstanding permissions. No errors in devtools panel. 

It seems the fix requires a bit more. I will post a better patch shortly.

A temporary workaround is to disable the file download accelerator from the FileRun control panel, under "Files".


A FileRun update that fixes this is now ready to be applied from the control panel of your installation.