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Thunderbird *cloud FileLink not working with FileRun

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Hi FileRun Community!

Started to use FileRun, like it way more than other solutions like Nextcloud etc. Kudos to the makers!

I'm having trouble connecting Thunderbird *cloud FileLink extension (https://addons.thunderbird.net/en-US/thunderbird/addon/filelink-nextcloud-owncloud/reviews/1168060/) to work with FileRun.
I followed the instructions https://docs.filerun.com/thunderbird_filelink_addon, and receive an "everything fine notification":

Image 989

When I try to upload files to the cloud in Thunderbird an error message is shown – without any hint what could be the source of the issue.

Image 990

I'm puzzled and clueless, where to look at. Maybe it's not the Thunderbird extension configuration but the FileRun config? Does anybody of you have an example how the correct FileRun settings need to be to use the Thunderbird extension?

Many thanks!


Not a bug

The path, needs to be a FileRun WebDAV path, not what you get from the URL when you access FileRun in a browser.

Try "/@Home/Mails" instead.

Not a bug

The path, needs to be a FileRun WebDAV path, not what you get from the URL when you access FileRun in a browser.

Try "/@Home/Mails" instead.

Hi @Vlad R,

many thanks for your quick replay. Unfortunately this did not work, although I get positive feedback from entering the pass + credentials, I receive the same error as before when trying to actually upload a file.

Do I also need to apply changes to the server URL itself? Which ones exactly?

Can some on share an example of a working filelink connection please?

Many thanks, Ben

Under review

"Mails" folder exists?

You can alternatively try the extension "FileLink Provider for OwnCloud and NextCloud".

Now it's getting interesting! 

Thanks @Vlad R for the suggestion of "FileLink Provider for OwnCloud and NextCloud". 

I still receive an error message when I try to upload a file within Thunderbird.

But the file is uploaded to the FileRun Cloud anyway! 

»Mails« folder exists. :) 

Here the config I setup in Thunderbird for the extension: "FileLink Provider for OwnCloud and NextCloud"

I also changed the rights of the "Mails" folder to 777 to avoid problems.

In conclusion file upload works but the link generation and automatic pasting into the mail draft does not work, yet.

Does it work for anybody else?

I am looking into this problem.

Many thanks for looking into this, Vlad! I appreciate it! :)

Hi @Vlad,

when opening this thread, I also wrote to the team behind Thunderbird *cloud FileLink extension (which is mentioned in FileRun documentation) – and finally received an answer:

"FileRun unfortunately behaves a little differently than Nextcloud and ownCloud in some points. So it needs some programming to make it common. The differences between Nextcloud/onwCloud and filerun are small, but so vital that a separate addon might be needed."

Jo from *cloud FileLink documented his analysis: https://gitlab.com/joendres/filelink-nextcloud/-/issues/449

Maybe the two worlds of FileRun and *cloud FileLink are not that far apart – what do you think @Vlad would it be worth a try to connect directly with the extensions team?

All the best

Sorry for the wait, got busy with a big FileRun update started a few months ago. Unforunately this feature is very low on our list of priorities at the moment.


any progress on this? I'm having the same problem/error with both the *cloud and CloudFileLink Thunderbird add-ons. Thanks.

For myself, I am getting this error for all users: