Not a bug

no sound / mute permanently on

editor1 shell 12 months ago updated by Vlad R 12 months ago 3

For some reason some of the h.264 .mov videos have no sound and the speaker icon is 'stuck' on mute. If I download the file, sound is definitely there. At first I thought it may be an issue with multichannel audio, but no, same issue of simple video clips with single stereo track.

latest version of filerun, cent OS7 Apache.

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Not a bug

Not a FileRun issue but a browser codec support one.

Ok. yeh, tested with Edge. no issues. The issue only appears in Firefox. Is there a way for me to further troubleshoot this ?

.mov is just a container. You can use something like Mediainfo to find out more about the codec used. Then you can google "caniuse codec name"