Can we consider optimizing the page layout?

huiseqianbi 12 months ago updated by Vlad R 12 months ago 1

Image 1002

It may be the appearance of the new logo, which leads to the visual imbalance of the page. Many times, I will be unconsciously attracted by the very dark color below and look down unconsciously. 😂😂😂

Image 1003

There are three floors here. Does it seem that there is too much accumulation? It won't be concise enough. It competes with the top-level folder structure for the audience's attention.

Image 1004

I tried to modify it. It looks more concise and balanced. It makes it easier for the audience to focus on the directory structure on the left.
This is just a personal point of view and discussion.


The Enterprise version doesn't have the "Powered by" item at all.

We now have a couple of new lower cost options: https://filerun.com/enterprise