Throttled uploads over WAN

jackson t andres93 9 months ago updated by Vlad R 9 months ago 1

I’ve been testing Filerun as a Nextcloud alternative for the past few days.  It’s installed as a Docker on my Unraid server with an NPM reverse proxy DNS’d through Cloudflare. 

Upload speeds over Lan are great and actually faster than Nextcloud, but I seem to be throttled over WAN. The upload will start around 30-40MB/s but then move down to 11-13 and never recover. I’m on symmetrical gigabit fiber, so that shouldn’t be the problem. Is there a setting I need to change, or is it a problem somewhere else? 


FileRun is not aware of the network environment, and it works just the same any way you access it. So the problem is probably somewhere else. If you wish to take FileRun out of the equation, place a large file inside the FileRun installation folder, and access it directly. At least you can test with one less variable.