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Disappearing shares

P J. d 9 months ago updated 6 months ago 5

For some reason, some folder shares seem to disappear once in a while. Recreating works and the increment of the share ID is continuously rising, but in the MySQL table, I can only see the current, still active shares.
Interestingly enough, some shares do not suffer from this problem (ID 42 and 43 are still there), while other keeps disappearing after a few days/weeks (next ID is 71 by now).

Has anyone experienced any similar issues?
Or does anyone know about another functionality that has the ability to trigger the deletion of shares?

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I believe this can happen only if the file/folder is no longer found by FileRun at their paths, even if temporarily. Perhaps a file storage mounting issue?

Or if the file/folder is being deleted and restored.

Ok, that could indeed be the case: the folders are on another server than the one hosting Filerun. In case of a necessary reboot, the files will be offline for a few minutes, of course.

Can you provide any insight on how the availability of the shared folders is monitored by Filerun? I will try to test this somewhere the coming days and see if I can reproduce this behaviour.

Just thinking out loud here: would it be possible to have some 'grace period' built in here? And/or preferably not removing the shares, but disabling them?

For example: after being unavailable for more than 1 hour, there are put on 'disabled'?

If using roles, you should avoid using the "Automatically create the folder if it doesn't exists." option in the role's permission, otherwise FileRun might try to create a brand new folder if the user's home folder does not exist, and that action will clear any meta information related to the old home folder. Even if the paths are the same (I am fixing this though.).

I switched off this option, but meanwhile, I think I found a completely different setting to be related to the problem: it seems that this problem only occurs for two particular users: a certain folder was shared with two other users (individually assigned rights to the folder), for which only one of them the share disappeared recently, while for the other, it is still available.

What I found is that both users who suffered from 'disappearing shares' (on the 'shared with me' as well as the 'shared by me' side of the sharing), did not have a role assigned.
For one, this can be easily changed, but for the other there was a good reason for that: I wanted that user to be admin as well, without having almost similar roles.

Now if that is the real problem, of course it would be worth having almost identical roles defined, one in 'user mode' and the other one in 'admin' mode, but before I go there, let me check:
Does it technically make sense? I.e.: is the role assignment somehow related to folder sharing?

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